KEVIN DIESEL is Florian Borojevic's 3rd project. After 100%chevalier and Partout Partout. It's also his first time solo, and purely electronic (while playing guitar in his previous bands .)
Though the differences in many ways, this project has the weight of what he previously seeked in those last bands. You'll find, in another way, the right angled shifts of PARTOUT PARTOUT, the craze for dance of 100%CHEVALIER, his undistubed intention to slip surprise into colloquial, to depart from common places towards forbiden areas.

G H S T wasn't to be any record, because all songs were drafts, and meant to be updated, or simply thrown away. For the sake of ever doing better. But do we ?
The 27 of august 2019, two weeks after recording, Florian had at errible accident. When he woke up, his memories are blured, he forgot part of his life and thus this project and those songs. He came up finding the files, lost on a cumputer, lost from it's willingness to be relased.

G H S T is a reliving from the past, it's the incomplete that would never have been released if there were'nt a "if". It represent the mistake we all do,lacking esteem for self of for what or for stuff we do, until those are far away, far enough not to seem familiar.
It represent this step back we have to make, at any moment, to look at who we are and what we're capable of, this step we all miss so much because education and societe teached us the will of control, master, and not to accept anything from ourselves till it's the complete best we can.

G H S T is a rebuff : the refusal of the sake of "better", for the benefit of what actually is, here and now...Le refusal of a freezing self-demand, the rebuff of of the sliminess of what ever tends to be perfect.