October Tone Parties

Strasbourg, Molodoï

27, 28 et 29 octobre 2016



Shoegaze / Krautrock - MEX [Thursday]

Swimming in the murky and sparkling waters of psychedelia, the Mexican duo LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE stayed afloat with three albums that took them from the Austin Psych Fest to the Moon Block Party.
Now signed to Sonic Cathedral and Captcha Records, the parent company of genius Ty Segall, Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto Gonzalez are releasing their new effort, "Balance", with none other than Cooper Crain of the Bitchin Bajas on mix.
An album where shoegaze and psychedelic krautrock distortions delicately rub against Lorena's ethereal voice for a live performance that promises to be incendiary.



Double drum'n bass - UK [Saturday]

(Gnougn Records)

Formed in late 2009 in Liverpool, BARBEROS combines an unusual mix of genres, in an unusual formation that includes a synthesizer player surrounded by two drummers. Barberos infuses different elements of jazz, dub, breakcore, noise and electronics, which take on a particular or even new meaning on stage. Costumes, projection and theatricality are the other ingredients responsible for leading the audience to joy and dance, an ambition that BARBEROS communicates to an ever-growing and enthusiastic audience. Touring all over Europe since 2009, the band has played alongside Ruins, Charles Hayward (This Heat), Chrome Hoof, Tim Exile, Melt Banana and Kayo Dot.



Synthpop - CAN [Friday]

(Night School Records)

The Canadian SALLY DIGE was born on the web with its title "Immaculate Deception" unveiled on YouTube in 2011. This first appearance aroused great enthusiasm and recognition throughout the world. His abstract videos draw us into a virtual White Cube; their staging takes on the appearance of avant-garde performances. The elusive, raw and encrypted sound has all the attributes of an atmospheric new wave enhanced with resolutely baroque pop beats.
Signed on Fabrika Records and Night School Records, she continues to distill in video her retrofuturistic and glamorous universe based on old VHS tapes, carmine lipstick and big eyeliner. SALLY DIGE does not know its time but, in its own way, it is an ode to the future. Statuesque and untouchable, this charismatic figure will pass on the other side of the screen to incarnate IRL.



Noise Populi - FR [Friday]

(Born Bad Records)

Founder member of Headwar and recently signed on Born Bad Records, Nicolas Belvalette aka USé, musician and prolotician carries various colorful wave-punk-tribal-indus projects (Roberto Succo / Les morts vont bien / label and radio brick / Parti Sans Cible / Accueil Froid).
Brutal, bipolar and bionic, oscillating between noise and licentious variety, it is with a sudden tenderness that he fights with his heads against his cymbals, while he pounds a guitar with his fists



Witchcraft Lofi - US [Saturday]

(Thin Wrist)

"TEARIST is a movement. TEARIST is movement" is the manifesto chanted by the sublime and terrifying Yasmine Kittles. A leading figure in the group formed in Los Angeles in 2009, she surrounds herself with musical groups in perpetual metamorphosis. Analogous organ or organic trance, TEARIST's silhouette remains dark and lyrical and is in the vein of an industrial rock heated with electronic inflows.
Between turbulence and convulsions, her voice gives birth to stillborn sisters with each kick on her reverb. A real banshee, TEARIST is a noise, a cry that can be danced to the last breath.



Cyber-Math-Grindcore - IT [Friday]

(Wallace Records)

With members of the very virulent ZU and Surgical Beat Bros, the project combines industrial breakcore with the harsh sounds of harsh noise.
GERMANOTTA YOUTH, destroys everything in its path. Combining mad grindcore and industrial electronics, the Italian group traces in front of it a cyberspace highway of sound experimentation.
A path on which are placed sharp rhythms whose surgical precision has no difficulty in panicking an over-excited audience.



Electronic Psyché - BE [Thursday]

(Gipsy Sphinx)

Originally from Venezuela and settled on the Belgian independent scene since 2003, Ernesto Gonzales at the origin of BEAR BONES, LAY LOW wields his psychedelic moods within a purely electronic formation.
From the spontaneous birth of noise sounds tinkered with in his room, Ernesto mixes bewitching rhythms and controls the effects of his synthesizer in the opposite direction. In a crash of BEAR BONES polychrome melodies, LAY LOW takes you directly into the Warp Zone.



Cabalistic meeting - FR [Saturday]

(October Tone)


A disciple of Gurdjieff,
a quote from Bergier,
quartz's chemical composition,
matches' fonction,
description of an overflowed river,
eye drops for the cyclone,
John Merrick existed !
Paradiddle or mill ?
How LONG it is ?
Who wants frustration ?
Why about never met each other so we won't share any regret ?



Keinwave - FR [Friday]

(Teenage Menopause)

With HEIMAT, Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu, Accident du Travail) and Armelle Oberlé (Badaboum, The Dreams) explore some of the most unusual paths across the country. Here we come across elements that we never imagined we would meet. The musical imagination is based on fragments of percussion and oriental instruments. Around them, organ slicks and lo-fi machinery structure the dialect with Armelle's Germanic accents, whose darkness and creakiness are reminiscent of the uncomplicated years of the German cabaret. A strange recipe, developed by this atypical duo, which makes their first album released by Teenage Menopause one of the most original released this year in France.
Heimat takes us far beyond these borders, into a steep and hybrid musical universe, from the warmth of the banks of the Mekong to the cold poetry of the East...
Welcome to a free zone of a new exoticism that is both raw and pop.


Kate NV

Art Pop - RUS [Thursday]

(Orange Milk Records)

Kate NV is the solo project of Kate Shilonosova, producer, singer and designer.
Shilonosova explores the deep layers of Japanese new wave, chewing gum composition and concrete music to create a sparkling pop and raw jewel.
NV builds sound landscapes, offers its listeners an electronic goldsmith's workshop worthy of the most refined manga.
His latest charming and audacious album "Binasu" was released in February 2016 on the prolific American tapes label Orange Milk Records, an expert in crazy pop.



Artrock - FR [Saturday]

(October Tone)

In the realm of duality, Hermetic Delight has nothing to envy of its elders. Within five years of existence, the quintet from Strasbourg (France) has come to deal with its influences - Sonic Youth, Siouxsie, Pixies - thanks to more than a hundred concerts and three EPs.
Noisy pop, post punk, shoegaze, the label matters very little. With sharpened guitars, incantatory vocals and fearless rhythms, the gang of five composes their tracks under the knife in order to keep what matters most : emotion.
For one month, the band went under complete lockdown in the Hall des Chars in Strasbourg, equipped with their instruments and an analog mixing console, to produce 7 crafted tracks. The composition has matured, the writing is more intimate. Evolution, not revolution: the power of instruments, even vocal, and the accuracy of kicks are there once again. From raw elegance to sensitive fury.



Retrofuturist House - DE [Friday]


In another world, tennis could be a co-proletarian sport and ROLANDE GARROS would be the music that we would play in the clubs after the matches.

Zink Tonsur, half of the group Les Trucs and co-founder of the tapes label MMODEMM based in Frankfurt, uses his wide range of analog gadgets to create sonic experiences somewhere between the Open de France tennis tournament and dirty house music.



Pop Halluciné - FR [Thursday]

(October Tone)

T/O is defined as the prototype of a kind of magical pop, diverted from its classical and structural codes. Deploying a dense sound landscape (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard), the four members of T/O play to destabilize the listener.
Through compositions where surprise devours the norm, where diversion is the expression of a controlled madness, T/O strives to create a vaporous and timeless universe, like a dream-pop overwhelmed by a hint of psychedelism.


House Lo-Fi - BE [Thursday]

(Stenze Quo)

Founder of the tapes label Stenze Quo and member of the Laser Poodle group, FYOELK is from Antwerp and already has a long career and a large pile of mysterious tapes and CD-Rs full of improvisations on the recorder and Casio.
FYOELK and its machines push the limits of electronics with a composition close to counterpoint while producing a dancing music in which tribal rhythms and syncopated synthesizers unite.
His latest EP'Klaus' was released at the end of 2015 on No Label, the descendant of Amsterdam-based Rush Hour Music.



Tutti Frutti core - FR [Thursday]

(Atypeek Music)

DEUX BOULES VANILLE is Loup Gangloff and Frédéric Mancini, a drum duo that triggers analog synthesizers. After making and painting their instruments with their four hands, IIBV began to dissolve the personal influences and aspirations of the two members in a large french fries sauce mixing techno, dub, noise, improvisation, and created music comparable to Tony Conrad and Rihanna's latest hit, to the local crust band at Silver Apples. The result is danceable music, which can be listened to in the Pit, in discotheques or supermarkets.



Raw Pop - FR [Thursday]

(October Tone)

AMOR BLITZ over all an obsession: the desire to create a racy and powerful French-speaking pop. The 4 musicians will make sure that their repertoire, decorated with jangly or proto-punk riffs, sounds meticulously. The leitmotivs sung or chanted by Emmanuel Szczygiel's voice will give extra soul to tense or transiently nonchalant compositions. The latter, the band's leader with an unpronounceable family name, found his way into songwriting and homemade recording. Working with tape recorders, effects pedals and software to bring your musical embryos to life is part of the process of creating this project, which will undoubtedly be done at its own discretion.


Analogic Acid - FR [Friday]


SALSA is the spicy fruit of the collaboration between Frédéric and Loup, also Deux Boules Vanille.
Signed on the Frankfurt label MMODEMMM for the release "MDM C' the incandescent duo delivers live performances as intense as they are physical. Salsa invokes the minds of techno armed with its analog synthesizers and DIY drum machines, resulting in a dark fusion between acid house, gamela, and Hindu raga.



Post punk Indus - US [Friday]

(The Flenster)

ALL YOUR SISTERS this exclusively male duo with a misleading name is not easily defined. Ambiguity persists when it comes to defining the music itself.
According to singer Jordan Morrison "ALL YOUR SISTERS is a lot of things: Post-Punk, Indus, Noise, Ambient". Originally from the sunny city of San Francisco, the group still rubs shoulders with the darkness and never stops scouring the damp cellars.
One foot in Darkwave and Post-Punk, the other flirting freely with a variety of unconventional influences, ALL YOUR SISTERS leads a blurry dance that mixes vehemence with melancholy.



Post-Punk de toquards - FR [Friday]

(Danger Records)

Abrupt melodies that sends shivers down your spine, crowned with a dull melancholy that showers the last hopes of a day after the party.



Hypnotic Noise - FR [Saturday]

(Requiem pour un twister)

Between sharp riffs, cold melodies and striking rhythms, FUTURE's hypnotic and deliciously scary universe captivates us.
The squeaky cold noise of Parisians has been exported to France and elsewhere alongside The Soft Moon, A Place to Bury Strangers or The KVB... After his first EP "Abyss", FUTURE has just released his first album "Horizons", on the Requiem label for a Twister



Action / Aventure - FR [Saturday]

(October Tone)

Heir to the mud and confetti of Pauwels and 100% Chevalier, this savant wild and dancing duo aka Partout Partout promises to be in concert.


Stylé - BE [Thursday]

(Indian Redhead)

OVERDRIVE does not have the success he deserves, he has never been on Fun radio before, a consecration he has long hoped for, but he continues to make crowds all over the world dance. And yet his music is as beautiful as that of a David Guetta or a Martin Garrix of whom he is six years older! Will he ever get access to the FM waves he dreams of so much?
Another solo project for the prolific, highly sensitive humanoid behind the Avventur and Regis Turner projects.



Bliss-out electronica - NL [Thursday]

PIYOJO produces a unique sound from direct and modest recordings in which multiform textures are depicted. Sounds appear from left to right as if hidden behind trees or emanating from rivers. Rik Mölmann approaches music through interrogation and the unusual for pieces that are exposed like small paintings.


Erectric - FR [Saturday]

As the world was at war, burning under the fire of hell, a voice prophesied to them that to survive, Denum had to sacrifice one of their members. Love giving way to savagery... They ate Johnny Trash! From now on the duo FRANCE MUTANT throws up on stage the debris of Johnny.... Under the inaudible voice of Antoinette Marchal and the barbaric sounds of Oscar Lumière, they now shake their bodies to death...


Expérimentation franco-française [Friday]

Born in the 1980s in the Upper Jura, BAPTISTE BRUNELLO was then destined more to play melee on the Saint-Claude rugby field than to create realistic recitals. After training as a tailor and cabinetmaker, these are the words that BB decides to cut and polish according to his desires. Ultra-realistic texts illustrated by unique plastic and video creations. The Franche-Comté artist diverts existing processes and experiments for the happiness of his group of fans, whose favourite sentence is: "I didn't understand everything".



Hypnosynth - BE [Saturday]

(Indian Redhead)

A.C.C.C.O.U. constructs its curls like kaplas, oscillating between genius and ease. A bric-a-brac of arpeggios and hypnotic plies, his machine shop produces rambling, digital and sensitive stories.



Garage wave - FR [Saturday]

A brand new quartet from Strasbourg. A guitar, a bass, a synthesizer, a drum kit and two voices for a cold and nervous garage.


After - FR [Saturday]

DJ-set telephone host since 1986.

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Gros Gris magazine's crew will come up with performances, projections and more surprises centered on their last issue "Mensonge" / "Lies" that will come along with dj-sets from our guests.

Craft beer

The local brewery Bendorf will provide draft beers : two of its specials and will reveal a new light beer with an amber touch specially brewed for the October Tone Parties. Its bottled beers collection will also be served during the warm-ups.

Vegan food

If programmation is for connoisseurs so is the food : vegan burgers will satisfy your night mungees and make you go through the night.
True killers...but not to the animals.


Labels and record stores will be presenting their collection. Locked Grooves, Indian Redhead and MMODEM will satisfy your fetichist penchant.


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