Sunday 15 May 2016



Hermetic Delight


In the realm of duality, Hermetic Delight has nothing to envy of its elders. Within five years of existence, the quintet from Strasbourg (France) has come to deal with its influences - Sonic Youth, Siouxsie, Pixies - thanks to more than a hundred concerts and three EPs.
Noisy pop, post punk, shoegaze, the label matters very little. With sharpened guitars, incantatory vocals and fearless rhythms, the gang of five composes their tracks under the knife in order to keep what matters most : emotion.
For one month, the band went under complete lockdown in the Hall des Chars in Strasbourg, equipped with their instruments and an analog mixing console, to produce 7 crafted tracks. The composition has matured, the writing is more intimate. Evolution, not revolution: the power of instruments, even vocal, and the accuracy of kicks are there once again. From raw elegance to sensitive fury.
Vow, released on April 15th on the independent label October Tone (Musicast Distribution), is a fit soundtrack to an era in chiaroscuro.



After 12 years of silence and his album "Adieu à l'électronique", an atypical musical monument that has both traumatized and charmed many sharp ears, the hyperactive (Sun Plexus, Ich Bin, Einkaufen...) Rémy Bux reactivates his KG project and publishes with Passage secret the ideal collision point between noise and electronics. A lesson in know-how and identity fiercely singular in 13 tracks, with a venomous and martial beauty cultivating hot and cold, to which it is difficult not to give in... All you have to do is listen and let Mein Herz schlägt nur für dich, one of the many summits of Secret Passage and a jewel of songwriting, imbue you with the cryogenized and disenchanted universe proposed by KG.
In recent years, there have been a number of reformations (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive...) with sometimes dubious interest, except for the musicians' wallet and festival ticketing. To have a really convincing comeback, it is in the direction of KG that you have to look. Especially since the group gratifies us with a not secret passage at all at La Malterie.

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