Police Des Moeurs + Amor Blitz + Posterboy Machine + Martin Rahin

Thursday 29 June 2017

21h - DMNT D'R / Strasbourg - 4 - 6 €


Gaule Wave

Amor Blitz is an obsession, the obsession to create a truthful and powerful pop. By putting aside an overlaying approach the four musicians focus on the fundamental without abandoning style or fierceness.
Bass or guitars, knitting jangly or proto-punk riffs, are running the show and are carried away by a warm and subdued rhythmic. The ensemble is crowned by the voice of Emmanuel Szczygiel performing in French, giving an extra spark to the set.

Emmanuel, the band leader found his path into songwriting and homemade recording. With a strong penchant for DIY, Amor Blitz productions' claim the charm of their misdeeds.

Police Des Moeurs

Founded in 2010 in Montreal, Police Des Moeurs got noticed right from the start with their infectious and direct brand of minimal synth pop. Taking cues from early 80's synth pop pioneers but avoiding retro-sounding mimetism and clichés, the band quickly built a cult following outside of their hometown.

After many singles, EP's and compilation tracks on various labels, Police des moeurs released two full length albums on the Berlin based Mannequin Records, while a third one,
Dedales is scheduled to be released in June 2017.

Posterboy Machine

Synth Pop

Posterboy Machine exhilarates with inspired riffs and electrified rhythms, a French who has been put at the forefront of a new musical breath. Minimalist, electric, wacky, Posterboy Machine smells like iodized mistral, coconut punch, aftershave...Amen.

Martin Rahin


Roland Moog (DJ SET)

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