Accou release party + Ce Soir + France Mutant + la boom

Friday 7 June 2019

20h - Lieu Secret - entre 4€ et l'infini

Accou release party + Ce Soir + France Mutant + la boom


Last of the season on the occasion of the EP "Seulaison"

A.C.C.C.O.U. constructs its curls like kaplas, oscillating between genius and ease. A bric-a-brac of arpeggios and hypnotic plies, his machine shop produces rambling, digital and sensitive stories.

Ce soir

Lo-fi dungeon

4-handed piano mounted on the highest tower of a dungeon-lofi. A medieval requiem led by Lise and Hugo (Régis Turner, Avventur).

France Mutant



While the world is at war, burning fires of hell, a voice says that to survive Denum have to sacrifice one of their member. Love has given way to wilderness...They have eaten Johnny Trash. For now on France Mutant vomit on stage what is left from Johnny. The shrilled voice of Antoinette Marchal and the barbarous sounds of Oscar Lumière, they are swaying their bodies until death comes...

Bâle Tragique

Saint Vitus' dance

Drum machine, synth and italo disco gothic

Harry Poppers

Pandemonium wave

The same with less Italo Disco, more Germany.

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