The holydrug couple + T/O (dj set)

Tuesday 12 September 2017

20h - Troc'afé / Strasbourg - 6 €

Facebook eventThe holydrug couple + T/O (dj set)


THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE, a duo from Santiago de Chile signed SACRED BONES RECORDS and very literally "the couple of the divine drug". THE spiral of mysticism.

Divine drug, which one? Love? Love loves me MDMA? We'll take it. "I love you too" love? We mate. A woman's infamous love is a woman? We play. Love 69 erotic year? We are lunar. Love? Love! 🖤

Compositions swayed like real soundtracks of retro films and immersed in a bath of Lo-Fi and psychedelic acid, The Holydrug Couple will make you philosophize nicely in the boudoir.

FFO: Velvet Underground, T-Rex, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, les yéyés, Gainsbourg who took too much.

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