François Virot + Sierra Manhattan

Monday 27 November 2017

19h30 - Troc'afé / Strasbourg - 6 - 7 €

François Virot + Sierra Manhattan

François Virot

Tour de force (Born Bad Records)

Connected directly to the beats of his heart, Francois Virot is a disturbing spontaneity, a crazy and inhabited voice and let us underline it, sublime words. Add to that three musicians who are able to raise your vitamin D level head-on, and they are also the authors of daring crafts and beautiful off-roads.

sierra manhattan

Love-fi pop

Pure and lively pop clinging to a ray of sunshine in the arms of a holiday love that should last a lifetime...Four little guys to melt what's left of permafrost in the hearts of cynics and jaded people.
Fine songwriter

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