Hassan K RELEASE PARTY + Retrigger + Logosamphia + Cesar Palace + Philip Pentacle

Sunday 25 February 2018

20h - MOLODOï / Strasbourg - 7

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Hassan K

One Shaman Band

Hassan K is a mystical one man band from Persia. DIY artist, Hassan mixes folklore and technologies, occident and orient, surf music and bellydance, swing and heavy metal… in crazy live acts, not too far from transe.
With a guitar, a keyboard and a few sensors, he travels from the west kingdom to the Turan, spreading the words of his illuminated ancestors…


digital punk - BRASIL

Retrigger, an iconoclastic experimental solo project with supernatural sounds and effects, comes to us from Brazil.
Equipped with its theremin, Retrigger is an unnatural combination of rock'n' roll, Breakcore, punk and acidic formulas of psychedelia with a plethora of references to retro gaming.
Released on labels on all 5 continents, he says in his bio that he is handsome, we'll see.


circuitbending breakcore - NL

Created in 2003 by the Iranian-Dutch artist Sadra Hemati, his unclassifiable project lies between hardcore, jungle, drum n' bass, breakcore mixed with inspirations from Eastern Europe, eastern pop and classical music.
Complex melodies, simple and effective hits mixing energetic lives, fluo pop, chaotic interlude, DIY trashy-noise toys and cartoon sound effects.

Cesar Palace

technorave discrète [ELECTRIC ELECTRIC side project] - GERMANIE

Cesar Palace is the little secret of the Electric Electric drummer.
Encounter of minimalist beats and cold and disturbing sounds, flirting with the ambient, the cosmic trance that evokes ATOME™ or Pole's first EP.
Its electronic battery and its demonic effects will put you in a state of fullness.

Philip Pentacle

sacro-synth-wave - KOENIG-ZOO-FFEN

Son of the bastard union of a goat and a synthesizer, Philip Pentacle surfs on a retro wave mixing in his music improbable influences ranging from occult rock to the most fruity synthpop; which will certainly evoke some of the animal masks and bloodbaths in Miami.

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