Guili Guili Goulag + Unik Ubik + Miss Tetanos Band + friends

Wednesday 3 May 2017

20h - La Mine + Le DMNT DR / Strasbourg - Prix libre / 3 - 6 €

Guili Guili Goulag (BE)

Tribal Noise

"Guili Guili Goulag is some strings that hit, hypnotic rhythm and a voice coming out from the floor. It tickles you as much as it makes you hysterical. It is like listening though rusty pipes to the psychedelic incantations of the members of an ancient tribe, trapped between different times and seekin to communicate with each other. A Voodoo Mass, a strange cult where a fetish with an unlikely language will be incarnated by the sick complicity of a drum, bass guitar and a celtic harp. Thus, our legs and arms begin to dance around them. The ego crumbles, leaving a credulous animal horde which is henchman of futur sordid rituals. Debauchery and sweat garanteed!"

Miss Tetanos Band (BE)

Wild Electronic

Two rats escaped from an electronic laboratory unite with a war machine that came straight from the shallows of Charleroi. Raised in a goulag with strong beer and French fries in a sauce carbon,
The half man-and-half animal drummer went crazy when he was trained by the Soviet army to perfect his blast beat "Kalashnikov". He is not afraid of anything, not even to die and certainly not to follow the frenzied rhythm of these two masters of Belgian electronic music. Bpm level sends dry, imagine two bugs boosted with amphetamines stuck in a hamster wheel that pushes discs and pots. You see the Goa Trance? Well, it has nothing to do with it, it would rather be like if Today is the Day was doing House in Ibiza on a full moon night....

Unik Ubik (BE)

Jazz / Psychédélique

A surprising and explosive mix of afrobeat, unstructured rock, muzak and undetermined folklore. This quintet oscillates between Krautrock and Post-punk, the saxophone and trombone are not there to make a musette. It is difficult to isolate one or the other of the instrumental lines, each one intertwining, untangling, hitting each other, guitars, saxophones or bass/drums throw themselves madly into the void in desynchronized movements to deliver a perfectly homogeneous ballet as if by magic. A real magic lives in this group. It's festive. It's jazz. It's crazy. It's transgressive. It's timeless, to the point that we're going to find Magma in their "Serrano", that's to say. Unik Ubik is precious because it's insolent in his uncomplicated and exploded approach to a musical heritage as rich as a shareholder of a multinational corporation after seizing its dividends.


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