Danse Musique Rhône Alpes + Union Electrique + Futuroscope

Monday 27 March 2017

20h - DMNT D'R / Strasbourg - 3 - 5 €

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Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes

Ghetto House

Signed at MMODEMMM Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes is Loup Gangloff's new solo project by the shrewded duo from 2 BOULES VANILLE. DMRA strives to make us dance in rhythm on a minimal ghetto house cut / shifted.

Union Electrique

Travail Rythmique

United by cables, the three local members of Travail Rythmique share the speakers for a continuous flow of spontaneous music. Analog/digital machines, vinyl, pedals, springs for the meeting of Brother, Lowerb and Ppaulus. Hair music, infinite techno, DIY, acid passion with a certain romanticism.


Krautrock Loisir

Futuroscope is an obscure bass synth combo drum kit recently formed by one of Pneu's two tires. This UFO discovered recently on the French scene offers a krautrock mixing science fiction music, rough ambient, hypnotic rhythms. We take off for the moon landing in the 1999 cosmos station.

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