Гш - Glintshake + Capelo + BBCC + T/O Dj set

Friday 25 January 2019

20h30 - MOLODOï / Strasbourg - 6

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ГШ / Glintshake

(Russia) // Nu-nowave

It is with great pleasure that we meet Katya Shilonosova (invited to the first OTP under the sweet name of KATE NV) with her Moscow quintet in freewheeling oscillating between no-wave, pop, avant-garde and immeasurable audacity.
Sung in Russian, composed with a taste for experimentation, pitfalls and turbulence, GLINTSHAKE is a pretty shy blonde head that transforms into the mischievous shreddeuse of space.
With very rare but noticed apparitions, it is more than cordially that we recommend you to take this international slap.

(for those who may be wondering: ГШ is said to be'glih shuh')

✚ LIVE on KEXP: youtu.be/qGREPm3SAFw?t=50
✚ CLIP: youtu.be/xle4KXGwGlk
✚ BANDCAMP : glintshake.bandcamp.com


(Belgium) // House-synthpop [Le Syndicat des Scorpions]

A mysterious Brussels duo, half-woman, half-man. Emotional synth-pop, sometimes ethereal and cuddly, sometimes dancing and incisive. A call to movement under the neon lights of love !

✚ LIVE : youtu.be/PSx9vcyqMjw
✚ CLIP: youtu.be/4n2qikvPbhA
✚ BANDCAMP: lesyndicatdesscorpions.bandcamp.com/album/baby-boom


(Strasbourg) // Kraut-postpunk [October Tone Records !]

Back to you! With something new.

Mixing guitars and machines, psychedelic tendencies and experimental ardour, BBCC (led by Adrien Moerlen of the late Crocodiles Inc.) takes us between the comatose rock of Death In Vegas, the furious pop of Animal Collective and the degenerate electro of Dan Deacon or Zombie Zombie.
If you like to club in a cosmic way, you should come.
By the way, another thing: BBCC will play the tracks of an album to be released on October Tone Records !

✚ LIVE : youtu.be/ftd9Vo6vX3g
✚ CLIP: youtu.be/YTc6VagajEE
✚ BANDCAMP : bangbangcockcockcock.bandcamp.com

T/O DJ set

(Strasbourg) [October Tone Records]

You don't know how you're going to end up, but it's going to be fine.

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