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Friday 11 December 2015


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Math Rock

100%CHEVALIER is an instrumental three-piece from Strasbourg, France. A power trio that isn't afraid of stepping outside the boundaries of convention; Post/math rock is the anchor for the wider influences of noise, krautrock, psychedelic and electronic music infiltrating their tightly wound rhythm.

Their newest EP 'EE' retains the frenetic energy and constant experimentation of their first release, while incorporating a rawer and broader palette of sounds.



Quadrupède is a duo from Le Mans, France. Ferocious, angular and engaging.

Their music is nothing short of perfection, creating deep layers of sound, with the intensity of a band double its size. It’s hard to believe this is the magnitude of just two musicians. Fuzzy, melodic, dynamic and diverse; Quadrupède’s instrumental feat provides at lot for each listener. Boasting post-rock inspired builds and lifts, electronic arpeggios, fast-paced song progressions and creative percussion, the duo’s layered album sound is dense and exciting. And whilst their album works incredibly well as a stand-alone piece of music, it’s great to see that this complex output works just as well when played live.

Regis Turner

minimal lacrimal

It's about tinkering with things in loops, making pyramidal constructions on crappy foundations.
Repeating mistakes ends up sounding right, right? It's a combination of folk, pop, rnb, dance, rap and religious music. Everything is done in front of your eyes like a good snack, except that you clearly don't wash your hands but ok it's cheap and there's a lot. Never far from expedition music but it will always remain pop music. Played with the feet.

Shiko Shiko (シコシコ)

Rock with noises, blips and buzzes

Beauty and violence from future. With dinosaurs. Cause dinosaurs are so cool.


crush and action

To make the love potion, simply drop a spoon of the magic mixture into the boiling cauldron, stir until it makes bubbles. Hop, cut the fire. Then it's up to you to breathe the toxic smoke, dance a little, cry like with onions... in any case, feel something new, be in love again...

Bravo Brian

One Man Electro Wave

In these sad and dark times, Bravo Brian puts his machines at the service of love to take us into the frenzy of dance. He transforms his concerts into a moment of sharing sweaty sensuality. We get lost between the warmly revisited 80's sounds and the cold rhythms of the underlying discipline. With an offbeat and tender voice, Bravo Brian penetrates the most sensitive souls and takes possession of our lost bodies in the night...

Epic Schmetterling


You'll never beat their score.

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