noise crypt

A disciple of Gurdjieff,
a quote from Bergier,
quartz's chemical composition,
matches' fonction,
description of an overflowed river,
eye drops for the cyclone,
John Merrick existed!
Paradiddle or mill?
How LONG it is?
Who wants frustration?
Why about never met each other so we won't share any regret?

Choosing a writer's name for a music without words, without palaver, arouses its share of mystery. This apparent paradox takes on its meaning through Pauwels' particular configuration: a set of machines at the heart of the rhythm, to which are added a bass and two guitars that weave a story, and draw landscapes. An esoteric musical construction, built to be deconstructed. A communion with the audience, in a search for a shared trance. Pauwels cultivates the unexpected.

photo :: Laura Sifi



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